AMD Ryzen Threadripper plans until 2020 revealed in leaks


Although we’ve known that AMD has long-term plans for its Ryzen Threadripper processors, we now have a few more details, thanks to recently leaked slides from a potentially legitimate internal presentation.

According to leaked slides obtained by Informatica Cero, AMD supposedly has at least three Ryzen Threadripper families planned for launch up to 2020. The information suggests that Threadripper 2nd Generation will launch this year featuring 12nm Zen+ processor cores and Precision Boost 2.0 with a focus on higher clocks.

Furthermore, the slides detail what could be a Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Gen launch in 2019. Referred to as ‘Castle Peak,’ these high-end desktop (HEDT) chips will supposedly set new benchmarks for performance and efficiency. What’s most surprising is that AMD could stick with the same TR4 socket as the current and next generation of Threadripper chips.

Lastly, we only see a small mention of Ryzen Threadripper in 2020 as a place holder for AMD ambitions in the HEDT space. These processors seem to fall into an optimization year alongside Vermeer CPUs, Renoir mobile and desktop APUs and Dali value mobile APUs.

Whether all the details in these presentation slides are true remains to be seen, but AMD clearly has long-reaching goals with Ryzen and Threadripper.

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