Xbox One X and One S will get a PC-style upgrade with Radeon FreeSync support


Xbox One X and One S owners will soon be able to enjoy a luxury that PC owners have had for the last three years. AMD and Microsoft have announced that the two higher-end Xbox One consoles will both get Radeon FreeSync support from Q2 this year. 

FreeSync reduces the amount of screen-tearing and mismatched frames in games, reducing ‘stuttering’ and providing a more seamless and smooth gameplay experience. To take advantage of this, gamers will need a compatible FreeSync display that’s connected to their console via HDMI. 

If you meet those requirements, once the update is live you’ll then be able to activate FreeSync in the console’s menu. No firm release date has been given for the new firmware update, apart from spring for those living in the northern hemisphere (or autumn for those south of the equator). 


In a nutshell, FreeSync technology matches the refresh rate of the monitor to the framerate being pumped out by your console (or PC’s) graphics processor. Matching framerates reduces input latency, so your controls feel snappier and more direct, and can help eliminate tearing, which just looks plain ugly.

The news of FreeSync support comes after confirmation last week that the Spring Update would also delivery 1440p monitor support for Xbox One X and One S consoles, alongside the ability for game-streamers broadcasting on Microsoft’s Mixer platform to hand over remote control of their game to viewers.

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