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Google cloud introduced diane greene on board on the end of 2015, certainly one of her dreams was to amplify the department’s partnership community, an technique she located labored quite nicely when she turned into running vmware inside the early 2000s. It appears to be working at google too.

Google Cloud annual convention

This week at google subsequent, the organization’s annual google cloud convention, they announced the associate software had grown appreciably on the grounds that the beginning of final yr. “since the start of 2017, we’ve extended the number of era companions by means of 10x and we’ve extra than doubled our crew assisting those partners,” google’s nan boden and nina harding wrote in a weblog publish on accomplice application progress.

Google Cloud Partnerships

Google is partnering with a variety of big organization carriers from cisco to sap to netapp to diane greene’s old organization, vmware. Further, they are also running with the conventional systems integrators like accenture, deloitte, kpmg and others.

All of that is enabling google cloud clients to paintings thru acquainted channels whilst supporting google to construct out its cloud business and benefit greater traction within the corporation. Partners in preferred help customers paintings with a platform like google cloud greater effortlessly by means of presenting integrations that might not otherwise exist.

G Suite aspect

One issue google has going for it, mainly on the g suite aspect of the residence, which incorporates gmail, doctors, force and calendar, is sheer numbers with hundreds of thousands of customers. It advantages the associate to paintings with a company like google cloud to help all their common customers, and perhaps entice new ones, and it benefits google as it makes their cloud services all the more treasured to the patron.

Google cloud Major partnerships

The organisation sees software program as a service especially as a key location for boom and they announced out a brand new partnership program this week with get admission to to extra google employees and marketing investment to help encourage greater interplay with saas companions at the platform. Agreement already signed with  saas companies like redislabs,mongodb,zenoss,elastic,salesforce etc

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has constantly been extraordinary from conventional enterprise computing due to the fact cooperation has always been the watch phrase. Even competitors like salesforce ,cisco and sap operating with them (and different cloud vendors). It’s what their clients need, and cooperation whilst it makes experience, blessings all parties worried.


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