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Musical.Ly has all started redirecting customers of its Live.Ly app, which it decided to kill off last month, to a competing app called liveme. Present Live.Ly users are being pointed to liveme via an in-app message, it says. Whilst it’s a reasonably common industry practice for corporations to direct customers to comparable apps or offerings when a product of theirs is being sunsetted, in this example, musical.Ly’s selection to shut down live.Ly and send users to liveme became absolutely a contractually obligated a part of musical.Ly’s almost $1 billion acquisition by way of chinese language generation agency bytedance ultimate yr.

An agreement stated that live.Ly could factor users to liveme for as a minimum 30 days following its closure, we found out, while verifying the facts. announcement

The difficulty handy became a competing funding – proper around the time of the musical.Ly acquisition, bytedance had also put $50 million into the live-streaming app liveme. Seemingly, it didn’t need to function rival properties.

In reality, this request turned into not a deal-breaker for musical.Ly – in truth, it’s integrating live.Ly’s function set into its own app. That means it will still be something of a competitor to liveme, although now now not an immediate one. Musical.Ly’s most important app, in spite of everything, isn’t always acknowledged these days for its live streaming, however as a substitute for lip syncing movies which can be recorded and edited using the app’s covered visible results and modifying equipment.

Further, live.Ly had not been able to appeal to the viewership numbers that musical.Ly had. The business enterprise said, when confirming Live.Ly’s closure ultimate month, most people of live stream perspectives had been taking area in musical.Ly itself, not in its derivative.

That said, Live.Ly had a fair range of users.But not near musical.Ly’s 2 hundred+ million registered customers. But liveme is greater – it has more than 60 million users and has paid out over $30 million to its broadcasters through its direct digital gifting program, the enterprise claims.

Liveme is likewise not the simplest app operated by the organization. Different liveme portfolio apps consist of the social brief video app cheez, and cellular gaming and esports live streaming app fluxr. To this point, it has raised a total of $a hundred and ten million.'s app for sale

Live.Ly isn’t only redirecting users to liveme, but. In its own statement approximately the news nowadays, it suggests a screenshot that’s pointing Live.Ly users to twitter’s periscope, as an example. The message additionally notes that the live.Ly domain name is on the market, and gives an email for income inquiries.

Musical.Ly hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.

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